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An in vitro, light responsive, retinal model for accurate predictions of in vivo outcomes you can have confidence in.

Lung epithelia model

Lung model

A model to investigate airway physiology, viral infection, drug safety and environmental impacts on lung airway epithelia.

Sinusoid iPSC-derived Liver model

Liver model

We are developing a model of liver sinusoid derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).

aProximate™ Assay-Ready Plates (Human)

Freshly isolated, in vitro, proximal tubule cell model, shipped directly to your lab for your kidney transporter studies.

aProximate™ is one of the more advanced, near physiological, in vitro, proximal tubule cell (PTC) models. Now available for shipment to customers to perform kidney transporter studies in-house.

Advantages of aProximate™

Scientific relevance of aProximate™ for transporter assays

aProximate™ expresses most relevant kidney transporters unlike other primary and immortalised PTCs such as RPTEC, KH2 and HEPTEC, which express very low or negligible levels. See table 1 below.

Table 1: Comparison of transporter expression levels in aProximate™ and RPTECs

Table 1. Percentage of transporter mRNA expression level normalised to fresh kidney tissue. ND: not determined

Product description and usage

aProximate™ Assay-ready plates (Human) are provided in a 24-well Transwell® format. The cells are shipped in stasis media and require revival at 37oC prior to use. Cell recovery is assessed by measuring TEER (transepithelial electrical resistance).  When TEER measurements reach a minimum of 60 Ω.cm2, the cells are ready to assay. Recovery of cells usually takes between 1 and 3 days. The cells must be revived immediately upon receipt and must not be frozen.

Product Specification

Format24 well Transwell® plates
Cell TypePrimary proximal tubule epithelial cells
Species OriginHuman
CharacteristicsPolarised Monolayer
Assay WindowRecommended within 3 days of plate receipt
Quality ControlTested negative for: HIV, HBcAb, HCV, SARS/CoV-2
Shipping Temperature4oC.
Ordering Lead Time4-6 weeks

The model is provided with maintenance medium and user guide with a detailed protocol for recovery of cells upon receipt. A TEER meter (not provided) is required to perform the measurements.

Revival of aProximate™ Assay-Ready Plates

Suggested applications:

Validation of aProximate™ tight junction formation and transporter expression:

Functional validation of aProximate™ for transporter assays:

Figure 3: Functional validation studies for transcellular flux and uptake of creatinine revealed preferential basolateral-to-apical (JBA) creatinine transport, indicative of normal physiological function. A JBA uptake ratio >1.5 indicates that the cells are functional.

aProximate™ Assay-Ready Plates (Human) are produced from human healthy primary kidney tissue which has been sourced from ethically approved locations. Further details on the ethical standards and procedures can be supplied on request.