Experts in the production and differentiation of iPSCs

Extensive experience of reliable derivation of iPSCs and consistent production of high quality differentiated cells

Newcells capabilities

The control of tissue sourcing, reprogramming to iPSCs, and differentiation to specific cell types are critical steps that all affect the final yield and performance of cells for use in drug discovery assays.

As a reliable European outsourcing partner providing iPSC technology for drug discovery and development, Newcells Biotech has capability across the supply chain from donor to differentiated cell.

Newcells delivers to customers:

  • Capability to control all steps in the derivation of cells to ensure quality control – from donor to differentiated cells
  • Non-integrating virus vector protocol applicable to a range of source cell types including fibroblasts, blood, and keratinocytes
  • Optimised protocols from derivation of over 700 iPSC lines provides learning curve efficiencies
  • Collaboration with one of the largest medical schools in the UK with access to biobank and patient acquisition infrastructure
  • Experience of producing a wide range of differentiated cell types from healthy and disease patient samples
  • Development projects for derivation of cochlear hair cells and renal tissue.

Newcells Biotech is located within the Biomedicine wing of the International Centre for Life. With its own cell culture laboratory and access to a suite of analytical facilities the company has the infrastructure to be a reliable partner for the supply of iPSC derived differentiated cells.

Newcells Biotech Limited
Biomedicine West
International Centre for Life, Times Square
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4EP, UK

Tel: +44 (0)191 241 8695


Newcells Biotech Limited is registered in England, company number: 09389592

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