Experts in the production and differentiation of iPSCs

Order numbers NC-CM-003 (Male)
NC-CM-004 (Female)
Price (excluding VAT) £600/€860 delivered


Source tissue iPSC generated from Neonatal foreskin fibroblast or adult dermal fibroblasts
Gender NC-CM-003 – Male
NC-CM-004 – Female
Reprogramming method Non integrating Sendai virus vector – CytoTune™ 2.0

No vector detected in source iPSC line
Quantity >2 million per vial
Viability (determined by trypan blue exclusion) >85%
Availability Orders for up to 10 vials off-the-shelf. For larger quantities please enquire. If a different delivery format is required such as plates please contact us.
Delivery Product will be dispatched within 2 days of receipt of order by next day delivery. Products are shipped on dry ice.
Applications Cardiotoxicity, cardiomyopathy disease modelling

To place orders please send the following information to Please note that the first order per customer will require payment to be received prior to dispatch, all subsequent orders will be dispatched within 2 days of order receipt.

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Newcells Biotech cardiomyocyte cells

Newcells iPSC derived cardiomyocytes express α-actinin (purple), Connexin 43 (red) and cardiac troponin III (green)

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