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Cell products

Newcells Biotech has developed a range of off-the-shelf iPSC derived cell lines for application in research and development. These cells are available in cryovials ready to be used or we can provide to order in multi-well plates.

Our off-the-shelf cells are derived from iPSC lines that have been fully characterised for pluripotency, viral clearance and genetic abnormality.

We use a range of differentiation protocols proven extensively in-house to produce our range of progenitor and differentiated cell lines. Each cell line is tested to ensure the viability, purity and consistency of our products. The details of the tests carried out for each cell type can be found by following the links to the right.

Examples of products and capabilities:

  • Bespoke iPSCs generated from patient tissues supplied by the end user
  • iPSC lines generated “in house” from patient tissue obtained by Newcells Biotech
  • Neural progenitor cells generated from iPSCs and more mature neuronal subtypes such as cortical, motor or dopaminergic neurons
  • Cardiomyocytes generated from iPSC lines as models of cardiac disease
  • Haematopoietic progenitor cells and more developed haematopoietic cell types such as monocytes / macrophages
  • Other somatic cell types are currently under development by Newcells such as cochlear hair cells, retinal pigmented epithlelial cells and rod and cone photoreceptors
  • Other somatic cell types specified by the end user.

Full details of product offerings are available on request. Email

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