Experts in the production and differentiation of iPSCs

The team behind Newcells was one of the first to use iPSC technology in the UK and is at the core of one of the main centres of reprogramming in Europe

The team

Dr Mike Nicholds

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Mike Nicholds

Mike is Chief Executive Officer of Newcells Biotech and has an extensive commercial track record working in the biotechnology industry.

A microbiologist by training he started his career working for ICI in their group looking at a range of biotechnology approaches to making chemicals, polymers and food products. He worked for Zeneca (now AstraZeneca) in a range of commercial roles, leading business groups and providing contract manufacturing and development services to pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies around the world.

His experience includes senior executive and board level positions with Avecia and Chirex including VP sales and marketing, and strategy & acquisitions director. He has been involved with a number of start-up companies in biotechnology over a number of years and has an in-depth expertise of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

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Prof Lyle Armstrong

Chief Scientific Officer

Prof Lyle Armstrong

Prof Armstrong studied chemistry at the Universities of Sheffield and Northumbria and was awarded a PhD in physical organic chemistry in 1992.

As an outcome of his PhD research into the chemistry of fluorescent molecules, he founded a contract research organisation developing and licensing diagnostic systems to identify and enumerate bacteria in biological fluids. This organisation was successful in generating a range of products that were subsequently licensed to industry and marketed as microbial diagnostic tools.

Prof Armstrong’s highly respected research group is focussed on new methods to reprogram the cells found in the human body so they can be converted into medically useful cells. A key aspect of this investigation is researching the possible reversal of ageing during the reprogramming process and how this might be valuable for repairing organ damage or treating human diseases using induced pluripotent stem cells. Of particular note are investigations aimed at treating cardiovascular disease and age related hearing loss.

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Prof Majlinda Lako

Scientific Founder

Prof Majlinda Lako

Professor Majlinda Lako studied Biochemistry at the University of Tirana but on receipt of a scholarship from the George Soros foundation, she studied environmental engineering at Manchester University (MSc) followed by a PhD in human genetics at Newcastle University where she was responsible for the discovery of several new genes involved in the development of the human brain.

Following her move to Durham University to carry out research on blood development using embryonic stem cells, she returned to a faculty position at Newcastle University where she became a key contributor to the embryonic stem cell derivation program.

She also established an internationally renowned research group, which she runs in close collaboration with Prof Armstrong developing methods to generate blood cells and transplantable retinas from patient specific induced pluripotent stem cells. One of her most recent successes is the establishment of corneal stem cell culture which has been used to treat blindness resulting from mechanical and chemical injuries to the surface of the eye.

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Click here to view a full list of pubished papers by Prof Lyle Armstrong and Prof Majlinda Lako.

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