British Toxicological Society Annual Congress 2018 – Hilton Gateshead (16th-18th April)

British Toxicological Society Annual Congress 2018

Hilton Gateshead – 16th-18th April

The Newcells Biotech team will be attending the British Toxicological Society Annual Congress 2018 that is taking place in Gateshead on 16th-18th April.  Newcells Biotech staff will be present throughout the Congress and looking forward to engaging with the existing programme of presentations and discussions on topics such as in vitro assays, liver and lung toxicity.  Dr Mike Nicholds, Prof Lyle Armstrong and Dr Colin Brown will be attending along with a number of the Newcells technical team.

Two posters will be presented by Dr Chichagova and Dr Chung on “Using statistical models to identify key variables critical for generation of retinal organoids from iPSC for further use in pharmacological and toxicological studies”  and “Newcells Biotech’s aProximate human primary proximal tubule cell monolayers as a novel predictive model of nephrotoxicity”.

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