Our mission is to lower the risk associated with key decisions in drug development by providing validated cell-based assay solutions



Newcells Biotech develops in vitro cell based assays for drug and chemical discovery and development


Using our expertise in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), cellular physiology and organoid technology to build models that incorporate the “best biology” for predicting in vivo behaviour of new drugs and activities.

Our experts have developed and launched assays to measure transporter function, safety and efficacy in a range of cell and tissue types, including kidney and retina.

We have the capability to develop and implement protocols to measure drug transport in the kidney, nephrotoxicity, retinal toxicity and disease modelling across human and a range of preclinical species.

Our development teams are creating models of the lung and liver to expand our offer to support early drug discovery and development

We are cell experts…
Our logo includes a representation of an human iPSC cell (the shape above the “e”). When viewed by light microscopy these cells appear with a large nucleus containing a number of visible nucleosomes.