Newcells Biotech to develop a new skin metabolism model using iPSC derived skin cells

Newcells Biotech has been successful in partnering with Newcastle University to receive funding in a £100K phase I NC3R CRACK IT project to develop a new skin metabolism model using iPSC derived skin cells.

Working with academics Prof Mark Birch-Machin and Dr Peter Hanson from the Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcells is using its expertise in cellular reprogramming and differentiation of iPSCs to provide cells that will be used to construct a new skin model that will enable understanding of skin metabolism of topical drugs and xenobiotics. The project titled Metaboderm was one of only three in the UK that received funding under the scheme and the project is sponsored by GSK, Unilever, Stiefel and Dstl.

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Newcells Biotech acquires IP for Retinal Organoids from Newcastle University

Newcells Biotech  is pleased to announce the acquisition of intellectual property pertaining to the methodology for the differentiation of three-dimensional retinal organoids from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) from Newcastle University.  The acquired technology will add to the growing portfolio of proprietary technologies that Newcells