Prof Majlinda Lako - Newcells

Retinal platform

An in vitro, light responsive, retinal model for accurate predictions of in vivo outcomes you can have confidence in.


Kidney platform

The most advanced near-physiological high throughput kidney proximal tubule cells (PTC) model to investigate drug transport modalities in vitro.

Lung epithelia model

Lung model

A model to investigate airway physiology, viral infection, drug safety and environmental impacts on lung airway epithelia.

Sinusoid iPSC-derived Liver model

Liver model

We are developing a model of liver sinusoid derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).

Prof Majlinda Lako

Prof of Stem Cell Science and Co-Founder

Prof. of Stem Cell Sciences and Co-Director of the Stem Cell, Regenerative Medicine and Transplantation Research Theme, Newcastle University. PhD in Human Genetics from Newcastle University. Over 25 years of experience working in human genetics, stem cell biology, gene editing,  diseases of the eye and clinical trials.

Favourite quotation: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Attributed to: Thomas Edison, Credit due to: Kate Sanborn

Majlinda Lako