Fully developed hiPSC-derived Retinal Organoids Commercial Availability

We are now in the process of making our hiPSC-derived retinal organoids commercially available as a product so you can perform assays in-house that will support your pre-clinical research and development.

Throughout the development phase of these organoids the interest from researchers has been extremely high. They can clearly see the scientific benefits of such a new and innovative tool, and as such we would like to give an update on their availability.

The production process is a relatively lengthy one so to mitigate against this from a forward ordering perspective we will not be manufacturing to order but instead have a rolling production plan that allows us to have a fixed amount of retinal organoids available every month.

We expect to be shipping these hiPSC-derived retinal organoid kits worldwide from November 2021 but forward demand has been such that we are already fully committed for November and only have a limited availability for December and January. With this in mind we would like to give you the opportunity to register your interest with us, so we can set a meeting to discuss your requirements and potentially reserve volumes so as to avoid delays to your projects.

Our Retinal Organoid platform allows for:

Identification of retinal cell types by immunofluorescence
Gene expression by RT-qPCR
Transcriptomic analysis by single-cell RNA sequencing
Cytoxicity assays
Cytokine release
Flow cytometry
Electron microscopy

For more information and to register your interest fill in the form below. 

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