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Webinar: hear from our 3 panelists discussing regulatory, technology, and scientific perspectives to accelerate your compound through the clinical development pipeline with predictive retina models

Development of photoreceptor outer segments in human iPSC derived retinal organoids produced at large scale

  • Discover about how Photoreceptor outer segments (POS) play a crucial role in the process of vision.
  • Learn about how invaluable our Retinal organoids (ROs) are in the study of retinal disease mechanisms and within drug discovery.
  • In this study we have assessed the dynamics, efficiency and batch-to-batch reproducibility of POS development across three batches of wildtype human iPSC-derived retinal organoids produced at large scale.

10th May, 2024

Published by

Bronwyn Irving, Valeria Chichagova, Carolina Gandara

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