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Your partner in the supply of human induced pluripotent stem cells and tissues

The discovery of induced pluripotent stem cells in combination with advances in the understanding of human cell developmental biology has created the conditions for a revolution in pre-clinical science.

Newcells Biotech is focused on using our proprietary technology to deliver the best biology into our assays products and services that give discovery and safety teams data that reduces risk and raises productivity in drug and chemical development.

Our approach delivers assays that are better models of human in vivo physiology for difficult to obtain cells and tissues.

Dr Mike Nicholds, Chief Executive Officer

Our approach



Human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) lines are fast becoming key in advances in disease modelling, drug development and drug toxicity. By obtaining the "best in biology" human tissue samples and converting them into specific cell types, we can significantly improve the efficiency and predictability of early stage drug development.



Using our hiPSC and cell biology technology, we create differentiated cells and incorporate them into novel pre-clinical assays that provide pre-clinical data from human and other key species.



We have the expertise to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams in industry and academia. We are experts in developing cells of the retina, kidney, immune system and skin – making not just simple models, but complex miniature organs to mimic in vivo human physiology.



We can ethically source patient samples to produce quality controlled hiPSC lines and incorporate these into in vitro models of diseases to accelerate exploration of targets and new chemical entities.

Our expertise

We are experts in the production of hiPSC lines and their differentiation. Using our developed hiPSC technology, we can collaborate with your drug discovery, development and toxicity teams to transform how you develop innovative drugs and compounds. Our expertise in cell biology extends into the use of primary cells to produce innovative cross-species assays for transporter and toxicity studies.



A new drug can take on average 10 years from initial discovery stage to licensing approval, with each approved drug costing more than £1bn to develop, not to mention those that fail along the way. Our cell based assay iPSC technology will transform your preclinical testing to reduce the unpredictable and costly nature of drug discovery.


Predicting drug toxicity is still a challenge when developing safe pharmaceuticals and is a major contributor to the high cost of drug development. Human derived iPSCs opens new avenues for predictive in vitro models that reduce attrition rates and improve in vitro to in vivo translation.

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We have the complete supply chain to develop, scale up and implement new in vitro assays for safety and efficacy testing. Our focus is on cells and tissues which are difficult or impossible to source from primary sources and where we can produce better model of in vivo physiology to improve bench-to-human translation

Our offerings


We have the network and infrastructure to ethically source customer required samples, across a wide range of cell types from healthy and disease-affected individuals, and produce quality controlled hiPSC lines ready for use in customers’ projects.


Using primary or hiPSC based platforms, we provide and are creating 24- to 96-well format cell based assays for customers to use in-house as well as a complementary service to design and conduct study protocols on behalf of customers’ teams.


Our assay development teams collaborate to produce validated assays for disease modelling efficacy and safety studies for academic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical customers.

Collaborate with Newcells Biotech

We are already collaborating on research projects with a wide range of partners, and welcome suggestions for new partnerships.

We understand the complex interaction of multidisciplinary drug discovery and toxicology teams, which is why we offer a collaborative bespoke approach.

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