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Latest Publication: Read our teams’ latest paper in Antibiotics, showing reduced nephrotoxicity of a novel formulation of polymyxin B compared to the clinical formulation using a validated primary human proximal tubule cell model.

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Newcells Biotech builds functional in vitro models to improve clinical translation and drug discovery

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In vitro tissue models validated to mimic in vivo human physiology
to improve confidence in drug discovery

Illustration of an eye

Retina Models

Models of the retinal neuro- and pigmented epithelium for use in modelling of retinopathies and safety studies

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Illustration of a kidney

Kidney Nephron Models

Used in combination or separately, our models of the glomerulus, proximal tubule and TAL give you an unprecedented ability to measure how your drug effects the kidney

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Illustration of lungs

Lung Airway Models

A suite of models for studying fibrotic disease mechanisms in the lung enabling candidate screening and efficacy studies

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Who we are

We are experts in building and applying complex models of human tissues for drug discovery.

We are cell biologists, tissue physiologists and assay development scientists focused on building models that balance complexity, functionality, throughput and efficiency to improve the predictive power of in vitro data.

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What we do

We carry out in vitro studies or provide products that enable customers to generate data on efficacy, safety and transport to de-risk discovery and development.

Our experts collaborate with customers to design studies to provide data that answer critical questions for pre-clinical drug development. We run the study, provide and interpret the data, or we can supply products and support you in your in-house studies.

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Our Commitment

To improve the success of in vitro to clinical trials translation by developing and validating in vitro models for biomedical research.

We aim to contribute to the development of new innovative therapies by delivering services, products and tools based on our models of human tissues that provide data that informs and predicts how these therapies will behave in humans. Through the wider adoption of this approach, our work will advance the 3R’s policy in drug development.

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Innovating to support drug discovery

How we work for our customers

  • Build human cell-based in vitro models
  • Apply our in-depth expertise to design the right study
  • Provide the data that answers key efficacy, safety or transport questions
  • Provide the tool or assay for customer in-house studies
  • Timely delivery of data to fit with customers deadlines

Newcells mission is to de-risk the decision-making process in drug development by providing physiologically relevant in vitro models that most accurately predict in vivo outcomes.

Globally recognised scientific expertise in cell physiology and organoid technology is embedded in all products & services. We engineer in vitro models from primary tissues and iPSCs to accelerate drug discovery and improve clinical translation.

About us
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Innovative company based in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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