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Webinar: hear from our 3 panelists discussing regulatory, technology, and scientific perspectives to accelerate your compound through the clinical development pipeline with predictive retina models

3D Cell culture & Organ Modelling 2024


18th March 2024 - 19 March, 2024


Novotel London West


London, UK

Attended and convened by over 270 key leaders in Organ modelling, 3D cell culture and mimics, this event addresses an important and expanding field in drug development. Organ-on-a-Chip, Tissue-on-a-Chip & Organoids are remarkable tools with the potential that better predict drug efficacy and thereby reduce cost, time, and failure rates in clinical trials . Attendees will also benefit from insightful case studies exploring key trends and innovative technologies to accelerate the adoption of 3D models in preclinical research via advanced development, validation and application strategies. Featuring over 10 interactive panels and roundtables, experts will debate and discuss issues in overcoming challenges in low throughput, translation in the clinic, managing complexity, benefits and drawbacks, as well as barriers to adoption in cell culture & tissue mimics.

Come and meet the Newcells team at booth #11

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