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Webinar: hear from our 3 panelists discussing regulatory, technology, and scientific perspectives to accelerate your compound through the clinical development pipeline with predictive retina models

8th Annual IPF Summit


20th August 2024 - 22 August, 2024


Revere Hotel Boston Common


Boston, MA, USA

The 8th IPF Summit returns for its 8th year as the go-to, end-to-end gathering of pulmonary fibrosis drug developers, clinicians and academic thought leaders all dedicated to bringing better drugs to patients faster.  

In a year marked by high-profile and unexpected failures, the industry is at a pivotal juncture and every player is focused on maximizing and safeguarding their candidates.  

At the 8th IPF Summit, we’re not just acknowledging the turbulence, we’re diving headfirst into it with a bold agenda designed to understand the root causes of the failures that rocked the industry and extract invaluable lessons from previous executives of those companies. 

But we’re not just focused on looking back, we’re eager to pave the way for a future of progress. With new candidates, technologies and research all emerging rapidly, the summit serves as the definitive platform for all pulmonary fibrosis drug developers to uncover progress.  

From dynamic panel discussions to interactive workshops and exclusive data driven case studies, we’re not just acknowledging the ever-present challenges but providing a forum to collaborate address and seek solutions. 

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