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Join us at this webinar you will hear from our 3 panelists discuss regulatory, technology and scientific perspectives to gain insights, into accelerating your compound through the clinical development pipeline with a focus on retina.

ECM Pharmacology Congress 2024


17th June 2024 - 19 June, 2024


Tivoli Congress Center


Copenhagen, Denmark

We look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen June 17-19, 2024. We will focus on the live interactions and networking – the essence of the congress experience that so many of you have enthused since the 2022 congress.

The central theme of ECM2024 will revolve around target discovery and drug development, intending to cross-fertilize and assist drug development. The center of it all will be ECM pharmacology and how its modulation can help patients.

ECM2024 will once again bring together experts to discuss the extracellular matrix across diseases, and you are invited to join us.

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