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Webinar: hear from our 3 panelists discussing regulatory, technology, and scientific perspectives to accelerate your compound through the clinical development pipeline with predictive retina models

Webinar: Moving compounds to IND using predictive retina models


19th June 2024





During this informative webinar you will hear from 3 panelists discussing regulatory, technology and scientific perspectives to gain insights, into accelerating your compound through the clinical development pipeline with a focus on retina.


Dr Lauren Black – Distinguished Scientist/Consultant – Charles River Laboratories
An ex-FDA reviewer, Lauren Black is now a Distinguished Scientist at Charles River with more than 25 years of experience in drug development, focusing on accelerated translation to Phase I/II clinical trials. She works mainly at the first in human (FIH) stage – in high-risk diseases using novel products.


Dr Roxana Redis – Associate Science Director – Charles River Laboratories
Roxana Redis earned her Ph.D. through a collaborative effort between the University of Medicine and Pharmacy ‘Iuliu Hatieganu’, Romania and MD Anderson Cancer Center, United States, in the field of non-coding RNAs and oncology. Following her academic pursuits, she conducted a postdoctoral fellowship at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, consolidating her expertise in this intricate domain. Her journey led her to ProQR Therapeutics, where she made substantial contributions to the advancement of RNA editing technology and to the development of translational in vitro models for rare inherited retinal diseases. Since becoming a part of Charels River in 2020, she has dedicated her efforts to establish the antisense oligonucleotide platform with Discovery. Today, as an Associate Science Director, Roxana leads the RNA Therapeutics Group, pioneering a diverse range of innovative services in the field of RNA-based therapies.

Dr Valeria Chichagova – Associate Director of iPSC Technology/ Head of Retina – Newcells Biotech
Dr Valeria Chichagova established the retina platform at Newcells Biotech, having lead the first-to-market launch of retinal organoids and further commercialisation of RPE in vitro models. Valeria’s career has focused on harnessing the potential of pluripotent stem cells in the study of human development and disease, and in drug discovery. With over 10 years of experience, she has specialised in developing a wide range of in vitro models with the primary focus on the retina. Holding a PhD from Newcastle University, her research focused on developing an iPSC-based RPE model for a rare retinal disease linked to mitochondrial DNA mutations. Her professional journey includes roles in medical communications, a researcher at the BBC, and a postdoc investigating Retinitis Pigmentosa disease mechanisms through the use of retinal organoids and RPE. In 2017, she joined Newcells Biotech to lead the development and commercialisation of the retinal platform. With a strong background in product development and innovation Valeria has led the successful first-to-market product and service launch of human iPSC-derived retinal organoids facilitating their wider adoption across the industry. Valeria’s experience ranges from establishing and scaling up production methods to utilising in vitro retinal models for a range of applications, such as gene therapy and disease modelling.

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