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c-Rel orchestrates energy-dependent epithelial & macrophage reprogramming in fibrosis


9th November, 2020

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Jack Leslie, Marina García Macia, Saimir Luli, Julie C. Worrell, William J. Reilly, Hannah L. Paish, Amber Knox, Ben S. Barksby, Lucy M. Gee, Marco Y. W. Zaki, Amy L. Collins, Rachel A. Burgoyne, Rainie Cameron, Charlotte Bragg, Xin Xu, Git W. Chung, Colin D. A. Brown, Andrew D. Blanchard, Carmel B. Nanthakumar, Morten Karsdal, Stuart M. Robinson, Derek M. Manas, Gourab Sen, Jeremy French, Steven A. White, Sandra Murphy, Matthias Trost, Johannes L. Zakrzewski, Ulf Klein, Robert F. Schwabe, Ingmar Mederacke, Colin Nixon, Tom Bird, Laure-Anne Teuwen, Luc Schoonjans, Peter Carmeliet, Jelena Mann, Andrew J. Fisher, Neil S. Sheerin, Lee A. Borthwick, Derek A. Mann, Fiona Oakley

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