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Significance of OAT2 and OCT2 in creatinine clearance: Mechanistic evaluation using freshly-prepared human primary renal proximal tubule cells

Our results obtained with primary hPTCs indicate that OCT2/MATE (versus OAT2) play a major role in the active renal secretion of creatinine. Quantitative pharmacokinetic models should therefore focus on OCT2/MATE when describing serum creatinine and creatinine clearance modulation by inhibitor drugs and genotype- or disease-related activity changes. The present study highlights the utility of freshly isolated hPTCs to support solute carrier phenotyping to enable the functional assessment of renal transport mechanisms.


22nd November, 2023

Published by

Sumathy Mathialagan et al.,


Sumathy Mathialagan, Git Chung, Keith Pye, A. David Rodrigues, Manthena V. S. Varma and Colin Brown (2023) Transporter-mediated uptake in creatinine renal clearance. J  Pharmacology & Exp Ther

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