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aProximate™ Assay-Ready Plates (Human, 24-well) User Guide

The front cover of the aproximate assay ready plates ebook

aProximate™ is one of the most advanced, near physiological, in vitro, kidney proximal tubule cell (PTC) models. aProximate™ PTCs are derived from fresh human kidney tissue and grown on Transwells® where they remain as a functional polarised cell layer that forms tight junctions. Find out more about our aProximate™ PTC model on our model page.

aProximate™ is now available for shipment to customers to perform kidney transporter and toxicity studies in-house. This user guide explains the process for receiving aProximate™ Assay-Ready plates (Human) in 24-well Transwell® format. Our Assay-Ready plates are also available in 96-well Transwell® format which can be found here.


18th May, 2022

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