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NB completes a licensing agreement with ID Pharma Co. Ltd for induced pluripotent stem cell technologies

Newcells Biotech Ltd has signed a patent license agreement with ID Pharma Co., Ltd to license and commercialise ID Pharma Co., Ltd patented technologies in the Sendai virus vectors for reprogramming cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

The agreement will enable Newcells to develop, manufacture, distribute products and offer services to customers based on reprogramming cells using the CytioTuneTM-iPS kit.

Prof Lyle Armstrong, CSO of Newcells Biotech, commented on the signing of the license:

“We carried out an extensive evaluation of a number of reprogramming technologies before adopting the CytoTuneTM system. In our hands this method of reprogramming human somatic cells to iPSCs gives us the most reliable and efficient results. Using this technology, we have successfully produced over 700 iPSC lines from a range of samples including skin fibroblasts, blood and keratinocytes, all with full virus clearance.”

Sendai virus vector (SeV vector) is a vector based on the novel concept “Cytoplasmic RNA vector” that ID Pharma has successfully brought into practical use for the first time in the world. Its applications include a wide range of important bio-businesses such as gene therapy, gene vaccine, therapeutic antibody production, gene function analysis, and recombinant protein production.

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28th September, 2015


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