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Latest Publication: Read our teams’ latest paper in Antibiotics, showing reduced nephrotoxicity of a novel formulation of polymyxin B compared to the clinical formulation using a validated primary human proximal tubule cell model.

Newsletter June 2024

How does Newcells works with their clients?
Listen to our CEO, Dr Mike Nicholds explaining.

Webinar on demand: Moving compounds to IND using predictive retinal models.

Our panel of experts discusses regulatory, technology and scientific perspectives to accelerate your retinal therapeutic compound through the clinical development.

Watch the webinar here.

Paper Alert: Read our latest scientific publication on nephrotoxicity

In this study, we assessed the nephrotoxicity of two formulations of polymyxin B using a validated model of primary human proximal tubule cells. The ability to measure responses such as kidney injury biomarkers in vitro correlates with in vivo measurement, demonstrating that aProximateTM is a powerful tool to rapidly evaluate the nephrotoxicity and renal uptake of novel antibiotic formulations.


Pye, K.; Tasinato, E.; Shuttleworth, S.; Devlin, C.; Brown, C. Comparison of the Impact of VRP-034 and Polymyxin B upon Markers of Kidney Injury in Human Proximal Tubule Monolayers In Vitro. Antibiotics 2024, 13, 530. 

Read the paper here

Technology Spotlight: Kidney fibrosis

Latest development of primary model for focal segmental Glomerulosclerosis

Glomerular fibrotic disease modelling now made possible with the ability to model the glomerular filtration barrier (GFB) detecting injury, phenotypic changes and cellular damage in vitro.

View the poster presented at CKD Summit 2024

Company News: Newcells strengthens executive team and expands US team

As the company continues to focus on driving expansion and technological innovation in response to increased market demand for drug discovery workflow, key leadership changes have taken place within Newcells’ executive team: Dr Valeria Chichagova has taken the role of Director of Technology; Dr Colin Brown is now Chief Scientific Officer and Professor Lyle Armstrong, the Company’s Co-Founder has become a Scientific Advisor. In addition, commercial appointments within its US team have been made to further support its global customer network.

Read our press release

Conferences: Meet us to talk about science

JSOT 51st

Annual Meeting

 3rd July 2024 – 5 July  2024

Fukuoka, Japan

Visit us at booth #21 to discuss our in vitro solutions  for safety assessment with Dr Colin Brown, and Rhys Powell

View Event

8th Annual IPF Summit

20th August 2024 – 22 August 2024

Boston, MA, USA

We look forward to welcoming you to discuss our unique lung models and their applications for fibrosis studies with our head of lung – Dr Megan Webster

View Event

5th GTX Summit

10th September – 12 September 2024

Boston, MA , USA

We look forward to welcoming you to discuss our unique retina models and their applications for ophthalmic gene therapy studies with Anthony Kayas

View Event

Visit our website to find out more about our in vitro models

Kidney Nephron Models

Screen your drugs using multi-species models of the glomerulus and proximal tubule to gain predictive insights on safety, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy

Find out more

Retina Models

A human iPSC derived suite of organoid and 3-D models capable of modelling retinopathies for efficacy and safety studies

Find out more

Lung Airway Models

Use our platform of lung models and assays to understand efficacy in pulmonary fibrotic diseases in high-throughput and high-content formats.

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28th June, 2024


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