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Latest Publication: Read our teams’ latest paper in Antibiotics, showing reduced nephrotoxicity of a novel formulation of polymyxin B compared to the clinical formulation using a validated primary human proximal tubule cell model.


8th July, 2024

Press Release: Newcells Biotech appoints Emile Shaffu as Director of Sales

Newcells Biotech (“Newcells”), a leading drug discovery partner specialising in the development of in vitro models and bespoke assay services to improve the prediction of in vivo human outcomes,…

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28th June, 2024

Newsletter June 2024

How does Newcells works with their clients? Listen to our CEO, Dr Mike Nicholds explaining. Webinar on demand: Moving compounds to IND using predictive retinal models. Our panel of experts…

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11th June, 2024

Press Release : Newcells Biotech strengthens executive and US team with key appointments

Dr Valeria Chichagova appointed as Director of Technology, Dr Colin Brown as Chief Scientific Officer, and Professor Lyle Armstrong as Scientific Advisor New US commercial appointments also announced…

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6th March, 2024

Biotech firm raises £2.3m for lab models that help avoid animal testing

The Newcastle-based company has secured funding from existing investors including the North East Venture Fund, supported by the European Regional Development Fund and managed by Mercia Ventures, Mercia’s own funds…

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Emanuela Costigliola
22nd February, 2024

Dr Emanuela Costigliola joins Newcells Biotech’s executive team as a Chief Marketing Officer

Emanuela’s extensive career brings a wealth of experience in marketing in the life science and biotechnology industry and a track record of senior leadership roles at some of the…

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7th December, 2023

Overcoming optimisation hurdles of high-throughput FMT assay

Several hurdles faced by many scientists, when developing assays and models for drug discovery, were highlighted at the 2023 European Respiratory Society (ERS) Congress. Understanding and investigating…

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17th November, 2023

An insight into R&D at Newcells Biotech with Dr Fiona Leslie, PhD, Lung platform scientist

Can you tell us a little bit about your professional journey and how you made the transition to industry? I have an undergraduate Degree in biomedical science and also completed…

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9th November, 2023

Mr Terry Pizzie joins Newcells Biotech Board as non-executive director

Terry’s career in the life science industry spans more than 30 years. He was the CEO of Cambridge based Horizon Discovery Plc, a public company listed on the UK…

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12th October, 2023

Imaging propels our kidney assays to the next level

We recently expanded our imaging capability with the purchase of an ImageXpress Pico high content imaging (HCI) system from Molecular Devices. Since then, our technical teams have been busy…

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29th August, 2023

Latest Advances in CAR-T Therapy with novel HLA-typed in vitro cell tools

CAR-T Therapy CAR-T Therapy is a form of immunotherapy that harnesses the power of the patient’s immune system to target and eliminate cancer cells. It involves ex-vivo genetic engineering of…

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28th July, 2023

MPS summit highlights

About the conference: MPS summit The MPS summit is a small but buzzing conference, where scientists from the pharma industry, academia and microchip manufacturers gather to discuss the latest advances…

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30th June, 2023

3rd ILD Summit Highlights

About the conference : ILD Summit The ILD Summit is a niche industry dedicated conference focussed on advancing therapies for progressive fibrosing interstitial lung diseases (ILD). This year’s conference was the…

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