Renal Transport and Drug-Drug Interaction

As leading experts in kidney transport, we design and conduct customised experimental protocols to generate the most relevant data for regulatory submissions and assessment of renal pharmacokinetics.

The most sophisticated high throughput in vitro kidney proximal tubule model for drug transport and DDI studies

Our ethically sourced in vitro kidney proximal tubule cell (PTC) assay (aProximate™), cultured as a polarised monolayer in a Transwell™ insert, is ideally suited for radiochemical or bioanalytical studies of xenobiotic drug transport in the kidney.

We believe aProximateTM to be the most well-characterised and most predictive assay available.

Investigate PTC
transporter interactions

The expression of transporters in the kidney is crucial for drug handling. Understanding the interaction of new drugs with renal transporters, especially those present on the proximal tubule cells (PTCs), is a regulatory requirement for approximately a third of all drugs which are eliminated through the kidney. Furthermore, evaluation of drug-drug interactions (DDIs) is often required to improve clinical trial design and labelling requirements.

Our validated kidney PTC model, aProximate™, is ideal for such studies as it expresses all the relevant transporters involved in drug handling. It provides robust insights into the pharmacology and mode of action of new drugs to aid acceleration of drug development.

Validated renal transporter expression.